The Story

        Music has had a huge impact on life for me. The story goes, as a young child I would sit next to the record player at family parties and pick out the songs.  I took piano lessons from 3rd to 5th grade, but didn't really enjoy them or the instrument really.  At approximately 10 years old my parents bought me a boombox with cd, tape, radio and a microphone.  This is where I began to DJ before even knowing what was happening.  I would announce songs and have little introductions in between the tracks to keep the flow going.


        Anybody who knows me knows that I love music.  I decided to take up drums in 7th grade, due to my desire to still pursue music from a creative stand-point.  Saints Peter and Paul, my elementary school asked me to DJ my soccer banquet one year and I happily accepted, showing up with two home theatre speakers  and two walkman CD players.  I began asking anyone to let me DJ their events from street parties to birthday and backyard parties, taking whatever gigs I could get.  I decided to build myself a proper computer with enough capacity to play music simultaneously from two media players as this was not yet available.  I built a tower successfully and loaded in all the music I could get my hands on.  This was revolutionary, I now had any song in one space and accessible as fast as I could type the name or artist.  You must remember that at this time DJ software and computer controllers were not available yet.  I used my high-school graduation money to buy my first professional sound system and shortly there after purchased the business certificate to legally start doing business as The Record DJ Company.  

        Bt this time I had taken interest in music composition and my interest in piano reignited, which led me to begin acquiring the necessary tools to create a small home recording studio.  In present time, in conjunction with some brilliant local talents, we have created several musical compositions multiple of which can be heard on Spotify, some on SoundCloud and some in my Youtube videos as well.  


        There has been many changes, and improvements made along this journey from logo designs, lights, controllers, and a few computers as well but I strive to build a network and continue to grow as a DJ, individual and company.  I continue to produce music and have began to develop my own style of DJ-ing, blending of songs.  Over the most recent few years I have built a nice light-show that really elevates the events.  It is my mission to bring good music to great people.  I will do this by continually reinvesting in The Record DJ Company.

- DJ A