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The Record DJ Co was founded by Andrew Gruzka in 2010 as a way of following his passion for music in a capacity that he could share with others. 

Andrew first learned of his love for music back in grade school and was asked to DJ a school soccer banquet. From there, his interest in music continued to grow as he pursued more gigs and events. He then decided to make it a career and The Record DJ Co. became official and has grown so much since then. 

Since our start we have added more services, DJ's and rentals to help make any event you are planning a memorable one. 


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Founder, DJ and Producer

From DJ-ing weddings to composing songs, if there is one thing DJ A is. . . it's passionate! 
Guaranteed to find the right sound for even the most eclectic crowds.

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Nickie B.

All about that grind, not only does Nicki B DJ, but is also a full time teacher, Pound instructor, and essential oil consultant. 

Has been DJ-ing for about 3 years and has a knack for getting people up on their feet and moving!

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Reckless Ryan

Emcee and Party Personality, Reckless Ryan is a pro at keeping that party vibe alive! The best announcer, promoter and party motivator around. 

He is skilled in the culinary arts so knows how to keep that party hot! 


A big THANK YOU to these businesses that support what we do:

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